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Michigan Supreme Court Races: Bar Graph

This PDF is a graphical representation of money in Michigan Supreme Court races from 1984 through 2018. These numbers were compiled by the Michigan Campaign Finance Network. read more

posted on 04/12/2019

2000-2018 Michigan Supreme Court Races: Numbers

This PDF summarizes campaign finance data from Michigan Supreme Court races from 2000 to 2018. The Michigan Campaign Finance Network has been tracking candidate fundraising numbers, reported independent spending and undisclosed TV advertisements. read more

posted on 04/12/2019

Secret Donors And Interest Groups Continue To Dominate Races For Michigan’s Highest Court

The 2016 races for Michigan's highest court weren't competitive. Still, they attracted millions of dollars — much of it coming from undisclosed sources, as is the tradition in Michigan — with the winning side outspending the losing side by an estimated margin of 34 to one. “I was telling people it was 20 to one,” one of the losing candidates said. “I wanted to be conservative. And I guess I was.” read more

posted on 03/16/2017