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Bob Young Supports Corporations' Ability to Buy a Judge

Michigan Supreme Court Justice Bob Young thinks it's okay for corporations to buy judges and justices. The CEO of a coal company with a poor safety record spend $3 million to elect a judge in West Virginia - a judge who sided with the coal company and overturned a $50 million verdict. Young filed a brief in the United State Supreme Court supporting... read more

posted on 11/21/2010

Mary Beth Kelly Failed as a Judge

Judge Mary Beth Kelly's inaction and incompetence on the bench allowed an illegal immigrant and minor back on the street. That juvenile who appeared before Kelly numerous times in court, then carjacked, kidnapped, and murdered a Macomb County man. Mary Beth Kelly let him through the revolving door despite all the warning signs. read more

posted on 11/01/2010

Judge Denise Langford Morris "Soft on Crime"

Law Enforcement Alliance of America have aired this ad against Judge Denise Langford Morris, labeling her soft on crime. This ad is airing in the Michigan during the 2010 Michigan Supreme Court Race read more

posted on 10/22/2010

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