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Why is beer tax off the table?

As published in the Lansing State Journal, 12/17/2009 By Rich Robinson Nearly any serious observer of Michigan’s budget process would tell you our state’s tax codes are an anachronistic mess. Our income tax, sales tax and business tax are ill-suited for a 21st century economy and need to b... read more

posted on 12/17/2009

Supreme Court DQ Rule: A Glass Half Empty

By Rich Robinson The new rule adopted by the Michigan Supreme Court that specifies grounds and procedures for disqualification of a justice whose impartiality in a case is legitimately in question is a well-reasoned response to the contemporary realities of judicial election campaigns. In Mic... read more

posted on 12/11/2009

"Issue" advertising dominates 19th District TV campaign

LANSING – Candidate-focused “issue” advertising is dominating the television campaign for the 19th Senate District special election. Republican candidate Mike Nofs has purchased $148,000 worth of television time, while his supporters, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce ($104,446) the Michigan Re... read more

posted on 10/30/2009

PAC fundraising continues to lag behind past cycles

LANSING – Fundraising by Lansing’s leading political action committees (PACs) continues to lag compared to the last two election cycles. The state’s top 150 PACs raised $12,062,243 through October 20th, according to data compiled by the Michigan Campaign Finance Network from reports filed with... read more

posted on 10/28/2009

State lobbying expenditures dip in 2009

LANSING – Reported spending by Lansing lobbyists for the first seven months of 2009 totaled $17,281,754, according to reports filed with the Michigan Department of State and compiled by the Michigan Campaign Finance Network. That total is down by 11.3 percent compared to January through July of 20... read more

posted on 09/21/2009

Great Recession hits Michigan money-in-politics sector

revised 8/7/2009 LANSING -- It appears that the Great Recession has finally reached the money-in-politics sector of Michigan’s economy. Michigan’s top political action committees (PACs) are accumulating funds at their slowest pace since 2003, according to data compiled by the Michigan Campaig... read more

posted on 08/05/2009

MCFN urges Supremes to consider campaign spending in DQ rule

LANSING – The Michigan Campaign Finance Network is urging the Michigan Supreme Court to consider campaign spending as a reason for recusal, in response to the Court’s invitation for public comment on draft disqualification rules. Citing the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in the case of Caperto... read more

posted on 08/05/2009

A Victory for Impartial Justice

Statement of the Michigan Campaign Finance Network The U.S. Supreme Court decision in the case of Caperton v. Massey Coal Company establishes that extraordinary campaign spending to support the election of a judge can create an unconstitutional probability of bias that requires the judge to disqu... read more

posted on 06/08/2009

Campaign finance records were set in 2008

LANSING -- Despite Michigan’s downward economic spiral, several campaign finance records were set in the state’s 2008 election cycle. Details are contained in the 2008 Citizen’s Guide to Michigan Campaign Finance, released today by the Michigan Campaign Finance Network. On the federal side... read more

posted on 05/14/2009

Lobbyists' spending topped $34 million in 2008

LANSING – Lansing lobbyists spent $34,075,809 in 2008, according to reports filed with the Michigan Department of State. This set a new record for lobbyists’ spending, up by six percent compared to the previous record of $32,212,332, set in 2007. Six multi-client firms topped the list in 2008... read more

posted on 03/23/2009

Poll: Michiganders want a firewall between judges and campaign supporters

LANSING – By a three-to-one margin, Michigan voters believe that there is a probability of bias when a judge hears a case involving a major financial supporter of his election campaign. Eighty-five percent believe that a judge should disqualify himself from a case involving such a campaign support... read more

posted on 03/17/2009

Supreme Court Election Campaigns: A Threat to Fair and Impartial Courts?

Can two sides in a lawsuit receive equal justice – when one side has spent $3 million to elect the judge who is deciding the case? That is the question at the heart of Caperton v. Massey, a landmark case that was argued before the U.S. Supreme Court on March 3rd. That case and its implications ... read more

posted on 03/06/2009

Top Michigan PACs raised $41.4 million in 2008 cycle

revised 11:30a, 2/4/09 LANSING – Michigan’s top 150 political action committees (PACs) raised $41.4 million during the 2007-2008 election cycle according to reports filed with the Department of State’s Bureau of Elections and compiled by the nonpartisan Michigan Campaign Finance Network. ... read more

posted on 02/04/2009