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Top PACs raise $30 million with more to come

LANSING – The top 150 state PACs have raised $29.6 million dollars this election cycle, as of October 20th. That is up by $6 million since the last reports in July. The same group of PACs had raised $23.9 million as of October in the 2002 election cycle, however, 18 of the committees are new this ... read more

posted on 10/29/2004

Stealth campaigning sullies Supreme Court campaign

LANSING – For the third consecutive election season, television ads that are not disclosed on any campaign finance report are a prominent feature of the Michigan Supreme Court campaign. Two independent groups – one supporting incumbent Justice Stephen J. Markman, and one opposing him – are run... read more

posted on 10/27/2004

Bush-Kerry TV ad race reaches $34 million

LANSING -- With just one week to go until Election Day, the presidential candidates, their parties and supporting groups have spent nearly $34 million for broadcast television advertising in Michigan. Sen. John Kerry and his supporters have outspent President Bush and his allies by 30 percent - $19.... read more

posted on 10/26/2004

Borrowing and independent expenditures fuel House campaigns

LANSING — Candidates for the Michigan House of Representatives had raised just over $10.7 million as of October 17th, the close-of-books date for pre-general reports for the November 2nd election. Of 256 candidates, 171 have raised money and 85 have filed for waivers indicating that they will not ... read more

posted on 10/24/2004

Main Street answers The Club

LANSING - The Republican Main Street Partnership has weighed into Michigan's 7th Congressional District Republican primary campaign with $57,200 in independent expenditures supporting former state Sen. Joe Schwarz of Battle Creek. The independent expenditures bought cable and broadcast television ad... read more

posted on 07/28/2004

Seat for sale?

LANSING – The pre-primary campaign finance reports for Michigan's 7th Congressional District primary election show a growing infusion of out-of-state contributions bundled by the Club for Growth PAC being funneled into the campaign of Brad Smith. As of July 14th, Club for Growth had provided Smith... read more

posted on 07/16/2004

"Millionaires' Amendment" in play in 7th District primary

LANSING -- The six candidates vying for the Republican nomination in Michigan's Seventh Congressional District have collectively raised over $2.6 million through June 30, 2004. Of that amount, contributions from individuals accounted for 60 percent, one-third came from the candidates in the form of ... read more

posted on 07/16/2004