Main Street answers The Club

Republican Main Street Partnership spends $57,000 supporting Schwarz

LANSING - The Republican Main Street Partnership has weighed into Michigan's 7th Congressional District Republican primary campaign with $57,200 in independent expenditures supporting former state Sen. Joe Schwarz of Battle Creek. The independent expenditures bought cable and broadcast television advertising and a get-out-the-vote mailing. Republican Main Street had previously made a $5,000 independent expenditure supporting Schwarz and given $5,000 directly to the Schwarz campaign.

The Republican Main Street spending partially offsets independent expenditures and bundled individual contributions of more than $140,000 from the Club for Growth in support of one of Schwarz's primary opponents, Brad Smith. According to Club for Growth president Steve Moore, "This is as close as it gets to a good versus evil showdown in a Republican primary."

Earlier in 2004, Club for Growth and Republican Main Street squared-off on opposite sides of the Republican U.S. Senate primary in Pennsylvania.

The League of Conservation Voters also has made an independent expenditure supporting Schwarz - $18,000 for polling.

Other independent expenditures in the 7th District primary include $13,700 from the state and national Right to Life PACs supporting state Rep. Clark Bisbee.

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