Top PACs raise $30 million with more to come

LANSING – The top 150 state PACs have raised $29.6 million dollars this election cycle, as of October 20th. That is up by $6 million since the last reports in July. The same group of PACs had raised $23.9 million as of October in the 2002 election cycle, however, 18 of the committees are new this election cycle.

The top 150 PACs in 2002 had raised $29.3 million as of the October 2002 report.

The House caucus PACs have grown significantly and occupy the top two spots. The House Republican Campaign Committee ranks first, up by 30 percent at $2.5 million. That figure includes $400,000 from an October bank loan, and the HRCC has borrowed an additional $300,000 since the October 20th report.

The House Democratic Fund ranks second at $1.68 million, up by 111 percent compared to 2002. It reports debt of $140,000.

There has been relatively little movement in the ranking of the top PACs since the July reports. One notable exception is the PAC of the House Republicans presumptive new leader - Rep. Craig DeRoche’s No. VI Leadership Fund moved from 69th to 35th, having raised $100,000 since the July reports. Republican Reps. Bill Huizenga, Jerry Kooiman and Chris Ward also had significant gains in their leadership PACs.

House Democratic Leader Diane Byrum’s leadership PAC has doubled compared to 2002 at $116,700.

"With the most intense weeks of the campaign yet to be reported, it's certain there will be plenty more money coming into the PACs before this election season is over," said Rich Robinson of the Michigan Campaign Finance Network. "All the debt that is being accumulated by the caucus PACs and the House candidates certainly suggests that fundraising will continue unabated in the new year."

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