Michigan Campaign Finance Network Welcomes a New Executive Director!

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January 6, 2023 | Press Release




I am truly honored to serve as Michigan Campaign Finance Network’s (MCFN) next Executive Director because I am committed to ensuring that Michiganders have all the information they need to make important decisions from the ballot box and beyond.

Throughout the years, I’ve worked for various candidates up and down the ballot, so I’ve seen the amount of time and resources candidates spend signaling and engaging in loose coordination just to be competitive in their districts. 

I’ve learned that winning comes at a cost. Outside interests have exacerbated the polarization we see in today’s politics and have influenced lawmakers to spend inordinate amounts of time procuring direct and indirect contributions rather than engaging with constituents.

But we can change that.

The Michigan Campaign Finance Network is a nonpartisan organization that started in 1996 with the altruistic goal of increasing public awareness of the impact that money has on politics. From the beginning, MCFN has been committed to making valuable fact-based information accessible to the public, voters, and policymakers so that Michigan can thrive for the people, by the people. 

Similar to MCFN's board of directors, staff, and supporters, I am motivated by the belief that true democratic reform can only be driven by transparency around the dollars being raised and spent by candidates and their campaigns. 

With your continued support, I plan to be a relentless advocate and expand that vision so that the decisions being made in Lansing benefit all Michiganders instead of those with deep pockets. This is why the Michigan Campaign Finance Network will re-emerge in 2023 with a new website and robust tools that will help you make critical decisions and keep Michigan politicians accountable to the voters, not money. 

I look forward to you joining me on this journey as I provide Michiganders with a bird's eye view of money in politics and champion a legislature that serves us all. 

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Nick Pigeon

Executive Director