House candidates raise $11.7 million

Both candidates top $100k in nine races

The candidates who will appear on the November 4th ballot for the Michigan House of Representatives had raised $11,675,666 through October 19th, the date they closed books for their pre-general election campaign finance report.

That total is 1.3 percent less than corresponding figures from the record-setting 2006 campaign cycle, when the candidates reported $11,824,362.

Just less than two-thirds of the candidates reported raising money: 168 of the 254. Eighty candidates have been granted reporting waivers, an indication that they will raise and spend less than $1,000. Six candidates have failed to file any reports.

The average amount raised by the 64 incumbents was $79,125. The median amount raised by incumbents was $61,958. There are 41 Democratic incumbents and 23 Republicans.

Speaker of the House Andy Dillon (D-Redford Township) was the leading fundraiser among House candidates at $407,990. Normal contribution limits do not apply to Dillon’s fundraising because he is facing a recall election.

Rep. Bob Constan (D-Dearborn Heights) reported the least amount raised by an incumbent: $10,675.

Among the 72 candidates who raised money while contending for an open seat, the average amount raised was $78,722. The median amount raised among this group of candidates was $72,563.

The most prolific fundraiser in an open seat was Paul Scott, a Republican in the 51st District, south of Flint. Scott reported $203,531.

The 32 challengers to incumbents who raised money averaged $29,488, and the median amount raised by those candidates was $10,248. The top fundraiser among challengers was JeanMarie Dahm, a Republican who is challenging Kate Ebli (D-Monroe) in the 56th District. Dahm raised $222,113, $216,175 from her self.

There are nine House district races where both major-party candidates reported raising more than $100,000: the 21st: Todd LaJoy (R): $115,895 and Dian Slavens (D): $112,889; the 37th: Paul Welday (R): $159,597 and Vicki Barnett (D): $104,496; the 39th: Amy Peterman (R): $169,320 and Lisa Brown (D): $143,730; the 56th: JeanMarie Dahm (R): $222,113 and Kate Ebli (D): $133,267; the 61st: Larry DeShazor (R): $108,763 and Julie M. Rogers (D): $112,560; the 62nd: Gregory Moore (R): $103,269 and Kate Segal (D): $183,487; the 91st: Holly Hughes (R): $168,197 and Mary Valentine (D): $211,329; the 98th: Jim Stamas (R): $139,487 and Garnet Lewis (D): $142,861; and the 101st: Ray Franz (R): $124,533 and Dan Scripps (D): $186,136.

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