Obama's late ad-vantage

LANSING - Barack Obama’s presidential campaign spent 50 percent more for television advertising than John McCain in the first five weeks after Labor Day in Michigan: $5,546,000 to $3,683,000. Obama’s September surge overcame McCain’s early television spending advantage in Michigan, which was due mainly to the long Democratic primary campaign and McCain’s earlier start.

The Republican National Committee kept McCain competitive in TV ad spending during the period since Labor Day by doubling the Democratic National Committee’s independent spending: $1,070,000 to $508,000. However, the combined spending by Obama and the DNC was still 25 percent greater than McCain and the RNC: $6,054,000 to $4,754,000.

In addition to its independent expenditures, the RNC was a critical source of funds for the McCain campaign’s candidate ads. More than two-thirds of McCain’s ads since Labor Day were hybrid advertisements purchased jointly with the RNC.

Obama’s spending superiority was focused in the Detroit, Lansing and the Flint/Tri-cities television markets. Overall, Obama has now outspent McCain by $1.3 million in Michigan.

Television advertising data were collected by the Michigan Campaign Finance Network from the public files of the state’s broadcasters and cable systems. All figures are gross sales.

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