House candidates on record-setting fund-raising pace

Raised $10.4M, spent $6.9M through primaries

Candidates for the Michigan House of Representatives have raised $10.4 million and spent $6.9 million this election cycle through August 25th, according to post-primary campaign finance reports filed with the Michigan Bureau of Elections. The amount raised by candidates through the post-primary reports is up 11.5 percent compared to 2006, which was an overall record-setting year for fund-raising by House candidates.

Collectively, the candidates had fund balances of $3.7 million and accumulated debt of $3.0 million, as of August 25th.

There are 45 open seats and 65 incumbents running for the Michigan House in 2008. In the primaries there were 449 candidates, 130 of whom had waivers, indicating they would raise and spend less than $1,000. Two hundred ninety-six candidates have raised a total of $10,362,120 in the election cycle so far (11/28/06-8/25/08).

In the 88 contested primaries, the average amount raised by the 207 candidates who raised money was $30,253 and the median amount raised was $19,054. The average amount raised by winners was $42,427 and the average amount raised by unsuccessful candidates who raised money was $19,603.

Fifteen candidates won contested primaries while being outspent by at least one opponent: Deb Kennedy (D-23), Michael Wiecek (R-25), Lesia Liss (D-28), John Accavatti (R-32), Andrew Prasiloski (D-33), Amy Peterman (R-39), Lisa Brown (D-39), Tom McMillin (R-45), Paul Scott (R-51), Matt Lori (R-59), Gregory Moore (R-62), Thomas Ginster (R-70), Kevin Daley (R-82), Dave Ryan (R-103) and Judy Nerat (D-108).

Only one incumbent, Ted Hammon (D-50), was defeated in a primary.

Overall statistics, including uncontested primaries:


# who raised money: 167

Total amount raised: $7,833,342

Average raised: $46,906

Median raised: $39,070

Highest amount: $243,869 – Andy Dillon (D-17)

Lowest amount: $100


# who raised money: 129

Total raised: $2,528,779

Average raised: $19,603

Median raised: $12,312

Highest amount: $182,300 – Vince Lorraine (R-51)

Lowest amount: 100

Total amount raised by Michigan House candidates

2002 cycle: $12,928,425

2004 cycle: $16,890,914

2006 cycle: $16,915,075

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