Lobbyists reported spending $32.1M in 2007

Total up by 6% compared to 2006

revised 2/21/2008

LANSING – Lansing lobbyists spent $32,101,151 in 2007, according to reports filed with the Michigan Department of State. That total is up by six percent compared to 2006.

Governmental Consultant Services, Inc., a multi-client firm, was the leading spender again in 2007 at $1,446,002, up by 11 percent compared to 2006. Six of the top ten spenders were multi-client firms.

The Michigan Education Association was the top spender among interest groups at $626,536. That total is down by 26 percent compared to 2006, but still good enough for third place.

The top-spending newcomer for 2007 was MyWireless.org, an opponent of taxes and regulation for the wireless communication industry. It spent $452,026 and was eigth on the list.

The greatest increase in spending among the top 20 was RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, up 728 percent to $227,240.

Reported food and beverage expenditures for 2007 totaled $629,424. The 'wining and dining' aspect of Lansing lobbying was up by 38 percent from 2006, when lobbyists reported spending $455,997.

Lobbyists are not required to report travel and lodging expenditures that are less than $700, or gift or entertainment expenditures that are less than $53. There is no requirement to report food expenditures until they exceed $53 in a month for a lobbyable official or $350 in a calendar year for a lobbyable official.

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