The DeVos campaign in national perspective

A number of interested parties have asked how Dick DeVos’s self-funded gubernatorial campaign ranks among self-funded state campaigns across the country. As of his pre-general election campaign finance report, Mr. DeVos and his wife Betsy DeVos had provided $34.7 million of the campaign’s $41.2 million in contributions.

Since 1998, 14 state candidates have invested more than $10 million in their own election campaign. At present, Mr. DeVos ranks sixth on that list and second this election cycle, behind Steve Westly, an unsuccessful candidate for the California Democratic gubernatorial nomination.

Mr. DeVos is the highest-ranking Republican on the list of self-funded candidates. Of those ahead of him on the list, only John Corzine of New Jersey won office. All were gubernatorial candidates.

Here are the top self-funded state campaigns since 1998:

Tom Golisano (Independence-NY), 2002: $74.1M out of $74.8M

Tony Sanchez (D-TX), 2002: $60.6M out of $66.2M

John Corzine (D-NJ), 2005: $42.3M out of $44.3M

Steve Westly (D-CA), 2006 primary: $35.1M out of $44.9M

Al Checci (D-CA), 1998 primary: $35M out of 35M

Dick DeVos (R-MI), 2006: $34.7M out of $41.2M

After Mr. DeVos, the next-highest self-funding total is in the mid-$20 million range.

Data were provided by the Institute on Money in State Politics, .


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