Gubernatorial TV campaigns top $50 million

LANSING – Television advertising for the 2006 Michigan gubernatorial campaign has passed the $50 million mark and ads are still being placed for the last days of the campaign.

That figure represents gross sales through Michigan’s commercial broadcasters, state cable systems and broadcasters in Toledo, Ohio and South Bend, Indiana. The nonpartisan Michigan Campaign Finance Network collected the data from the broadcasters public files.

DeVos for Governor has spent $27 million since it began advertising in February. The Republican Governors’ Association has supported DeVos with $2.2 million in issue ads.

Granholm for Governor has spent $7.6 million and is still actively placing buys around the state. The Michigan Democratic State Central Committee has augmented the Granholm effort with an issue ad campaign worth $11.4 million.

At least two other entities, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and the new Coalition for Progress, have also weighed in with television advertising. Both groups have spent millions but their ads are difficult to identify by target. The most conservative estimate is that Coalition for Progress has done $1.5 million in gubernatorial ads supporting Granholm and opposing DeVos. The Chamber has done at least $500,000 worth of advertising supporting DeVos. Both groups will add to those totals before Election Day.

“For a Hummer-driving, Whopper-chomping, super-sizing nation of excess, this has to qualify as an All-American campaign,” said Rich Robinson of the Michigan Campaign Finance Network. “I’m sure most voters have had enough of education by 30-second installments and now they’re waiting to see whether we can move from slash-and-burn campaigning to genuinely good governance.”


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