Early On, Sanders Is Outspending Clinton On Michigan TV Ads

Democratic Presidential Candidates Running Broadcast Ads In Michigan, GOP Candidates Not Yet

As of Sunday, Democrat Bernie Sanders had run three times as many broadcast TV ads in Michigan markets as his opponent, Hillary Clinton, had.

According to tracking by Kantar Media, Sanders’ campaign ran 676 ads across five Michigan markets as of Sunday while Clinton’s campaign had run 211 ads. Sanders’ campaign had spent $319,037 while Clinton’s campaign had spent $100,001.

The Michigan Campaign Finance Network will do updates on presidential ad spending weekly until the state’s March 8 presidential primary.

As of Sunday, the campaigns of Sanders and Clinton were the only ones running ads on broadcast TV stations in Michigan. GOP candidate Jeb Bush, who suspended his campaign over the weekend, had reserved ad time in Michigan, but those ads didn’t end up running.

So far, the Grands Rapid market has seen the most individual spots run at 211 spots. The Lansing market finished second at 200 spots.

The ad that has run the most frequently in Michigan is one from the Sanders’ campaign entitled “Works For Us All.”

Below is a MCFN graphic on ad spending based on Kantar Media data.


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