7th District Republican primary tops $3 million

Independent groups' spending hits $980,000

LANSING – With Michigan’s primary election just four days away, the candidates in the 7th District Republican primary and their independent supporters have raised and spent over $3 million.

Challenger Tim Walberg’s campaign has raised $623,222 from individuals and $21,300 from political action committees, for a total of $644,522. $476,709 of the individual contributions came as earmarked individual contributions that ran through the anti-tax Club for Growth, which acted as a conduit.

In addition, Club for Growth has spent $540,000 for independent expenditures and television “issue ads” supporting Walberg and opposing incumbent U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz. In all, Club for Growth is the source for 86 percent of Walberg’s $1,185,000 in financial backing.

Schwarz has raised $612,450 from individuals and $838,116 from political action committees and his congressional colleagues’ campaign committees, for a total of $1,450,500.

The League of Conservation Voters, $357,787, and Republican Mainstreet Partnership, $80,900, have backed Schwarz with a combined total of $438,687 in reported independent expenditures. The Michigan Chamber of Commerce sponsored radio issue ads worth an undetermined amount supporting Schwarz. Those ads ended July 7th.

In all, Schwarz’s financial support has run to $1,889,253, plus the radio issue ads.

Summary of MI 7th District Republican primary campaign finances:

Rep. Joe Schwarz:

Contributions from individuals: $612,450

Contributions from PACs: $838,116

Independent Expenditures:

League of Conservation Voters: $357,787

Republican Mainstreet Partnership: $80,900

Total financial support: $1,889,253

Tim Walberg:

Contributions from individuals: $623,222 ($476,709 – Club for Growth)

Contributions from PACS: $21,300

Independent Expenditures

Club for Growth: $449,359

Issue advertising

Club for Growth: $90,875

Total financial support: $1,184,756

Total financial support – both candidates: $3,074,009

Source: Federal Election Commission reports; broadcasters public files

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