Legislative candidates have raised $20.3 million

Total is up 16% from 2010

LANSING -- Candidates for the Michigan Senate and House of Representatives have reported raising $20.3 million so far this election cycle, according to reports filed with the Michigan Bureau of Elections and compiled by the nonpartisan Michigan Campaign Finance network. That total is up by more than 16 percent compared to the same point in the 2010 election cycle, which was the last time both chambers of the legislature were on the ballot.

House of Representatives

Michigan House candidates reported raising $10,634,534 through July 20th. That is 10 percent ahead of the pace of the 2012 election cycle, when state representative candidates had raised $9.66 million through the pre-primary campaign finance reports. The fundraising haul is 29 percent ahead of the pace of the 2010 cycle, when candidates had raised $8.23 million.

Republican candidates for the House have raised $6,835,671 so far, while Democratic candidates have raised $3,798,863. There are 68 incumbents running for reelection to the House this year: 37 Republicans and 31 Democrats. There were 92 incumbent members of the House seeking reelection in 2012.

There are 46 contested Republican primaries in the 110 House districts and 36 contested Democratic primaries. Ninety-eight of the 408 candidates have a reporting waiver, which means that they will raise and spend less than $1,000 this election cycle. The pre-primary reports for 29 more candidates are not available at this writing due to late filing.

The House primaries where the most money has been raised are all Republican contests:

The 36th House District Republican primary, $355,054: Peter Lucido has raised $256,524 (including $135,000 of self-funding); Stan Grot has raised $98,530 ($32,025 self-funded.

The 98th House District Republican primary, $322,891: Gary Glenn has raised $171,341 ($25,000 self-funded); Karl Ieuter has raised $151,550.

The 107th House District Republican primary, $285,126: Incumbent Rep. Frank Foster has raised $211,419; Lee Chatfield has raised $73,707 ($25,000 self-funded).

Four other Republican primaries have topped $200,000 in fundraising: the 39th District, 59th District, 73rd District and 84th District. Details of those races are included in the attached summary.

The top money contest among Democratic primaries is in the 21st District, where Kristy Pagan has raised $95,000 ($11,510 self-funded) and Natalie Mosher has raised $64,558.

It is notable that House candidates have accumulated more than $3.2 million in debt.


Michigan Senate candidates have reported raising $9,669,942 through July 20th. That total is up by 5.2 percent compared to the $9.19 million raised by Senate candidates at the corresponding point in the 2010 election cycle. That is the last time all 38 Michigan Senate seats were up for election.

Republican candidates have raised more than twice as much as Democrats so far this election cycle: $6,673,649 to $2,996,292. There are 28 incumbent senators running this year: 19 Republicans and 9 Democrats. There were just nine incumbents running in 2010.

There are contested Republican primaries in 10 of the 38 senate districts, and contested Democratic primaries in 13 districts. Thirty-three of the 113 senate candidates have obtained a filing waiver, indicating that they will not raise or spend more than $1,000 for the election cycle. Pre-primary campaign finance reports are not available at this writing for six candidates who do not have a filing waiver.

The Senate primaries where the most funds have been raised are:

The 4th District Democratic primary, $391,773: Incumbent Sen. Virgil Smith has raised $162,071; term-limited state Rep. Rashida Tlaib has raised $229,662; Howard Worthy has a filing waiver.

The 37th District Republican primary, $387,926: Term-limited state Rep. Wayne Schmidt has raised $327,255 ($42,500 self-funded); state Rep. Greg MacMaster has raised $60,671 ($8,985 self-funded).

The 31st District Republican primary, $379,272: Incumbent Sen. Mike Green has raised $322,427; term-limited state Rep. Kevin Daley has raised $56,845 ($6,500 self-funded).

The 15th District Republican primary, $354,486: Incumbent Sen. Mike Kowall has raised $286,299; Mike Maddock has raised $68,187. Kowall's campaign committee has accumulated over $106,000 of debt. Maddock has self-funded $25,000.

The 13th District Republican primary, $352,524: Former Rep. Chuck Moss has raised $179,259 ($65,000 self-funded); former Rep. Rocky Raczkowski has raised $99,960 ($30,000 self-funded); former Rep. Marty Knollenberg has raised $50,035 ($10,000 self-funded); Ethan Baker has raised $23,270 ($5,500 self-funded); Al Gui has a filing waiver.

The 11th District Democratic primary, $324,427: Incumbent Sen. Vincent Gregory has raised $56,683; term-limited Rep. Ellen Cogen Lipton has raised $210,250; term-limited Rep. Vicki Barnett has raised $57,493. Vincent and Barnett have self-funded $4,000 each. Lipton has self-funded $45,000.

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