MI candidates for U.S. House raised $7M in 2Q 2014

Self-funding is huge force in several primaries

LANSING - Michigan candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives reported raising $7 million between April 1st and June 30th according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Self-funding by candidates with considerable personal wealth is playing a pivotal role in a handful of high profile primaries. Brian Ellis ($800,000), Paul Mitchell ($1,911,000) and David Trott ($2,423,000) have carried their campaigns financially to a great extent. The campaign of Anil Kumar shows debt of $700,000 but it does not disclose how that debt was accrued.

Notable financial comparisons for several of the most watched primaries:

3rd District: Incumbent Republican Rep. Justin Amash has raised $1,578,858 compared to $1,390,285 for his primary challenger Brian Ellis. For an incumbent member of Congress, Mr. Amash's percentage of funds from individual donors is extraordinary: 93.5%. Without Mr. Ellis's $800,000 in loans to his campaign, Mr. Amash's fundraising advantage would be a ratio of 8:3.

4th District: In the Republican primary for the seat being vacated by retiring U.S. Rep. Dave Camp, Paul Mitchell has a fundraising advantage of more than 4:1 over state Sen. John Moolenaar: $1,921,897 to $453,162. The advantage is built entirely on self-funding. Mr. Mitchell has loaned his campaign $1,911,000.

8th District: In the Republican primary for the seat being vacated by retiring U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, former state Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop has a fundraising advantage of nearly 2:1 over term-limited state Rep. Tom McMillin: $348,668 to $183,967.

11th District: Challenger Dave Trott has a 5:1 fundraising advantage over incumbent U.S. Rep. Kerry Bentivolio in the Republican primary: $3,415,400 to $681,742. Mr. Trott has personally given or loaned his campaign $2.4 million of the total $3.4 million he has raised.

Democrats Anil Kumar and Bobby McKenzie report nearly identical total receipts for the election cycle: $350,300 and $352,887, respectively. However, Mr. Kumar's campaign reports debt of $710,000 that is not otherwise accounted for, while it reports expenditures of $462,371 and cash on hand of $275,595.

13th District: No financial report is available from Horace Sheffield, Democratic challenger to incumbent U.S. Rep. John Conyers.

14th District: It was a competitive fundraising quarter for Democrats Hansen Clarke ($133,359), Rudy Hobbs ($156,242) and Brenda Lawrence ($147,495). Overall, state Rep. Hobbs has raised $532,651. Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence has raised $374,672. And former U.S. Rep. Clarke has raised $144,357.

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