Congressional candidates raised $14.4M in 2013

LANSING - Michigan candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives raised $4.1 million in the 4th quarter of 2013, and their fundraising total for the year now stands at $14,355,000.

Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp leads all candidates for the Michigan congressional delegation. He has raised $2,065,000 this cycle and he has a campaign fund balance of $3.4 million.

Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman ranks second among Michigan candidates with $1,492,000 raised. Rep. Upton's campaign fund balance stands at $932,000.

Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers has raised more than $978,000 and his fund balance is $1,850,000.

Competition is certain in Michigan's 1st Congressional District, where incumbent Rep. Dan Benishek has won two close elections. The 1st District attracted more $6.5 million in independent spending in 2012, and $4.8 million in outside spending in 2010. This year Mr. Benishek has raised more than his opponent, Jerry Cannon, $878,000 to $292,000, and he has the advantage in cash on hand, $579,000 to $195,000.

The 14th Congressional District Democratic primary also is competitive this year. Incumbent Rep. Gary Peters is leaving the seat to run for U.S. Senate. State Rep. Rudy Hobbs has raised $276,000, State Sen. Bert Johnson has raised $128,000 and Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence has raised $104,000.

The 11th District appears to have competition in both parties' primaries. Incumbent Republican Rep. Kerry Bentivolio had only $130,000 on hand at year end and he is being challenged by David Trott, who had $710,000 on hand. Mr. Trott has self-funded $408,000. Mr. Bentivolio was supported by $880,000 in independent spending in 2012.

The Democratic primary in the 11th District is a contest between Anil Kumar, who has raised $477,000, and Bobby McKenzie, who has raised $105,000. Mr. Kumar has self-funded $360,000.

Incumbent Republican Rep. Justin Amash is getting a primary challenge from East Grand Rapids businessman Brian Ellis. Mr. Amash has raised twice as much as Mr. Ellis, $1,081,000 to $507,000, and he has the advantage in cash on hand, $732,000 to $339,000. Mr. Ellis has self-funded $200,000. Mr. Amash has already received independent support from the Club for Growth.

Democrats appear to have candidates capable of viable campaigns to challenge two other incumbents. Pam Byrnes, 7th District, has $300,000 cash on hand and Paul Clements, 6th District, has $200,000 cash on hand, as they challenge Rep. Tim Walberg and Rep. Fred Upton, respectively. Both incumbents maintain substantial financial advantages.

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