Ballot committees' TV ad bill: $30M

LANSING -Proponents and opponents of the proposed constitutional amendments that will be on Michigan's November ballot have spent approximately $30 million for television advertisements since August, according to figures compiled by the nonpartisan Michigan Campaign Finance Network.

Sales totals are complete through October 8th, and in some cases include sales through October 15th. Figures were compiled using data from the public files of state broadcasters and cable systems. All figures are gross sales.

The proponent of Proposal 2, Protect Working Families, is the leading spender, so far, at $6.4 million.

The opponents of Proposal 2 have combined to spend $6.6 million. Protect Michigan Taxpayers has spent $4.3 million, and Citizens Protecting Michigan's Constitution has spent $2.3 million.

Advertisements sponsored by Citizens Protecting Michigan's Constitution have carried a message of opposition to all the proposed amendments, with particular emphasis on opposition to Proposals 2, 3 and 4.

The proponent of Proposal 3, Michigan Energy, Michigan Jobs, has spent just less than $3 million, almost entirely in Detroit, Grand Rapids and Flint/Saginaw. The committee will begin its first broadcast ads in the Lansing, Traverse City and Marquette media markets next week.

The primary opponent to Proposal 3, Clean Affordable Renewable Energy (CARE) for Michigan, has spent $5.7 million.

The proponent of Proposal 4, Citizens for Affordable Quality Home Care, has spent $3 million, so far, in all markets except Marquette. The committee will begin broadcast advertising there next week.

The proponent of Proposal 6, People Should Decide, has spent $5.1 million since Michigan's August primary in all markets except Marquette, where it still has no ad schedule in place. That spending follows $3 million spent by the Detroit International Bridge Company earlier this year in opposition to a new public-private bridge between Detroit and Windsor. DIBC spent $6 million for similar ads in 2011.

All the committees have ad-time booked statewide from now until Election Day. Weekly ad spending by the committees will be at its heaviest yet in the four-week run-up to the election.

The Michigan Campaign Finance Network has previously reported on what is known about the funding sources of the various ballot committees, based on their July 2012 campaign finance reports. The committees' next reports are due to be filed with the Bureau of Elections on October 26th.

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