DIBC ad spending against bridge tops $3 million in 2012

LANSING - A television advertising blitz by the Detroit International Bridge Company that ran from Memorial Day to the end of June has increased DIBC's ad spending in opposition to a new public/private bridge between Detroit and Windsor to $3.36 million so far in 2012. That figure is gross sales through June 30th. Spending data were collected by the Michigan Campaign Finance Network from the public files of Michigan television broadcasters and cable systems.

DIBC has already placed deposits for more television advertising that will commence immediately after Michigan's August 7th primary election and run through September. It spent $6 million for television advertising in 2011 when it succeeded in killing enabling legislation for the bridge project in the Michigan Senate Economic Development Committee.

The ballot committee People Should Decide spent $60,000 in June for television advertising encouraging support for its petition drive for a state constitutional amendment to require approval by popular vote for any future public expenditure for an international crossing. As a ballot committee, People Should Decide will be required to disclose its donors in reports to the Michigan Bureau of Elections.

Ads that ran in multiple media markets in June in Michigan that carried disclaimers saying they were paid for by People Should Decide were actually paid for by the Detroit International Bridge Company.

A committee called Fund for Michigan Jobs has spent $271,000 in four of Michigan's media markets for TV ads touting the benefits of the proposed new Detroit-Windsor bridge. Although the advertisements include the tagline, "Say, 'Yes,' to Michigan's bridge," Fund for Michigan Jobs is not registered as a ballot committee. Its address of record is with the Dykema law firm in Lansing.

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