Officeholders raised $5.9M during reporting hiatus

Senators, AG, SoS and Gov report next in 2013

LANSING – Michigan’s legislators and elected constitutional executives filed their first campaign finance reports in more than a year on Tuesday, January 31st. In aggregate, they reported raising $5.9 million: $3.5 million by representatives, $1.6 million by senators and $832,000 by the Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General.

Despite the fact that most of the officeholders had not filed a report in almost 14 months, five legislators failed to make their reports available by midnight on January 31st. They are Reps. John Olumba, Fred Durhal, Thomas Stallworth III and Brandon Dillon, and Sen. Morris Hood III. Rep. Shanelle Jackson filed a report that was all zeroes, implying that nearly $37,000 simply disappeared from her campaign account.

Term-limited Senate Appropriations Chairman Roger Kahn was the leading fundraiser among all legislators with $188,299. Speaker Jase Bolger was the leading fundraiser in the House with $146,180.

Gov. Rick Snyder was the leading fundraiser among all state officeholders with $346,300. Notably, Gov. Snyder’s campaign repaid him $825,000 he had loaned the committee during his 2010 primary campaign. The campaign committee still owes the Governor $5.1 million.

Attorney General Bill Schuette was the second leading fundraiser among state officeholders with $229,284. Secretary of State Ruth Johnson raised $156,579.

Among the contributions that were concealed by the long reporting hiatus was more than $200,000 from the owners of the Ambassador Bridge, M.J. “Matty” Moroun and his son Matthew Moroun, and their wives. Matthew Moroun gave the Michigan Republican Party $100,000 on September 28th, just before enabling legislation for a new public/private bridge between Detroit and Windsor was killed in the Senate Economic Development Committee.

Candidates who will be on the ballot this year will file their next campaign finance reports in July. Michigan senators, the Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General will file next a year from now.

PAC reports from the 0.34%

Just four of the state’s 1,169 active political action committees reported their financial activity on January 31st: the four legislative caucus committees. The other 1,165 are in the middle of a six-month reporting hiatus. The Michigan Campaign Finance Network recommends that the Michigan Campaign Finance Act be amended to require quarterly reporting by all committees - candidate committees, PACs and party committees, in addition to established pre- and post-election reports.

The caucus PACs’ activity so far this cycle:

• House Republican Campaign Committee: Contributions: $1,038,251; Balance: $608,066

• House Democratic Fund: Contributions: $788,807; Balance: $375,768

• Senate Republican Campaign Committee: Contributions: $841,294; Balance: $48,877

• Senate Democratic Fund: Contributions: $291,731; Balance: $152,077

Only the Senate Republicans are still carrying debt from the 2010 election cycle, in the amount of $154,000.

Fund-raising summaries for state officeholders are attached to this news release.

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