Statewide candidates file pre-general finance reports

LANSING – The candidates for governor, secretary of state, attorney general and justice of the Supreme Court have filed their pre-election reports. Republican Rick Snyder has wide cash advantage over his Democratic opponent Virg Bernero, and the incumbent Supreme Court justices, Robert P. Young, Jr. and Alton Thomas Davis, have considerable cash advantage against their opponents. However, the contests for secretary of state and attorney general are relatively even from the cash perspective heading into the election stretch run.

Rick Snyder has raised $11.6 million for the campaign cycle, including $5,941,116 he and his wife loaned the campaign prior to the primary election. Over the 54 days covered by the report, Mr. Snyder had raised $3,456,787 from the Michigan Republican Party and individual donors. Mr. Snyder has received the maximum $3,400 contribution from more than 700 individuals. He had $2.26 million in cash on hand on October 17th.

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero has raised $3.15 million, including $1,371,001 from the public campaign fund. Mr. Bernero’s top contributors are traditionalal Democratic interest groups, including the Michigan Education Association, the Michigan Association for Justice, the UAW, Michigan Laborers, Michigan Pride PAC and the Democratic State Central Committee. Mr. Bernero had $168,000 cash on hand on October 17th.

The secretary of state race is nearly even from a cash perspective. Democrat Jocelyn Benson has raised $793,938 for the election cycle and she had $524,000 on hand on October 17th. Republican Ruth Johnson has raised $590,000, including $350,000 in self-funding, and had $502,000 in cash on October 17th.

In the attorney general contest, Republican Bill Schuette maintains a financial advantage over the Democratic nominee, David Leyton. Mr. Schuette has raised $1,621,773, overall, and he had $455,968 on hand on October 17th. Mr. Leyton has raised $574,601, and held a cash balance of $353,734.

In the Supreme Court contest, Justice Robert Young has raised $776,000 and had $583,464 on hand on October 17th. Justice Alton Thomas Davis had raised $691,000 with $617,000 on hand. Judge Mary Beth Kelly led the challengers with $293,000 raised and $170,000 on hand. Judge Denise Langford Morris raised $76,000, with $58,000 on hand. Justice Davis was appointed to fill the vacated seat of retired Justice Elizabeth Weaver in August.

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