Legislative candidates have raised $17.4M for primaries

House up 13% from 2006, Senate up 2%

revised 7/27/2010

The field of 663 primary election candidates for the Michigan Legislature report having raised $17.4 million through July 18th, according to reports on file with the Bureau of Elections, as of 11:00 a.m. on July 26th.

House of Representatives

Reported fundraising by House candidates is down by 2.4 percent compared to 2008: $8,227,034 to $8,426,216. However, House fundraising is up by 13.1 percent compared to 2006, when primary candidates for the House raised $7.3 million. That is the last time House candidates shared the ballot and the fundraising pool with candidates for the Senate and the constitutional executive offices, as they are this year.

There are 58 incumbent representatives running this year, compared to 65 in 2008 and 80 in 2006.

The top fundraisers, so far, among incumbents are Democratic Reps. Rashida Tlaib of the 12th District in Detroit, with $141,592, and Dan Scripps of Northport in the 101st District, with $131,795. Republican Rep. Paul Scott of Grand Blanc in the 51st District, also a declared candidate for the secretary of state nomination, ranks third among incumbents with $127,879.

Five Republicans are the only candidates to have raised more than $100,000 in pursuit of open seats. In each case, they are largely self-funded in their pursuit: Mark Ouimet has raised $198,768 in the $52nd District ($78,000 self-funded); Mike Shirkey has raised $125,488 in the 65th District ($57,000 self-funded); Marc Libants has ras raised $123,730 in the 100th District ($106,000 self-funded); Holly Hughes has raised $123,577 in the 91st District ($80,000 self-funded); and Paul Muxlow has raised $110,279 in the 83rd District ($97,000 self-funded). All four are engaged in contested primaries.

Two Republicans who seek to survive a contested primary to challenge an incumbent Democrat in November also have raised more than $100,000. Jane Grover has raised $105,313 in the 64th District ($49,500 self-funded) in hope of challenging Rep. Martin Griffin of Jackson, and Jeff Oesterle has raised $109,366 ($87,500 self-funded) in hope of challenging Rep. Barb Byrum in the 67th District in southern and eastern Ingham County.

Across the state, there are 98 contested House primaries and 118 uncontested primaries. In four districts, there are no Democrats running. In total, there are 22 districts where there are no contested primaries for either party.

Of the 490 House candidates, 134 have reporting waivers that indicate they will raise and spend less than $1,000. Of those who have not filed for a waiver, no pre-primary report was available at 11:00 a.m. on Monday for 43 candidates, 27 of whom are candidates for one of the 12 districts in Detroit.

So far, the candidates have accumulated $3,160,211 in debt.


Reported fundraising by Senate candidates currently totals $9,190,142. That is up 1.7 percent compared to 2006. There are nine incumbents running in the 38 Senate districts this year. There were 32 incumbents in 2006.

Incumbents are the top fundraisers overall, at this point. Two Republicans top the list: Sens. Roger Kahn from Saginaw Township in the 32nd District with $435,672; and John Pappageorge from Troy in the 13th District with $394,657.

Randy Richardville from Monroe in the 17th District ranks third among incumbents with $322,815. Democratic Sen. Glenn Anderson from Westland in the 6th District currently ranks fourth with $318,524.

For both major parties, the most expensive primaries are in Kalamazoo County’s 20th District. On the Republican side, current Reps. Larry DeShazor ($35,668) and Tonya Schuitmaker ($276,795), and former Rep. Lorence Wenke ($250,410) have racked up $562,873 in contributions. Notably, Wenke has self-funded $240,000 and Schuitmaker has self-funded $100,000.

Democratic candidates Mark Totten ($204,229) and Rep. Robert Jones ($61,830) have amassed the top fundraising total in a Democratic primary with $266,059 in the 20th District.

The second greatest Senate fundraising total overall is in the Republican primary in the 33rd District, which includes Clinton, Ionia, Montcalm and Isabella Counties. Rep. Brian Calley ($213,024) and Michael Trebesh ($341,224) have raised a combined total of $545,248. Trebish has self-funded $335,000. Calley self-funded $19,000.

Statewide, there are 42 contested primaries and 34 that are uncontested. Five districts have no contested primary for either party.

Of the 163 Senate candidates, 43 have applied for filing waivers. Of the remaining candidates, reports were unavailable at 11:00 a.m. on July 26th for 20 of them. Nine of those non-filers were candidates for one of three Detroit districts.

Senate candidates have accumulated $2,267,569 in debt, so far.

Note: The accompanying table summarizing Senate Pre-primary totals has been amended to reflect late filed Pre-primary reports, through July 28, 2010. Late contributions are not reflected in the revised table. This news release was not revised to reflect late reports.

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