Gubernatorial candidates have raised $16.2 M

Republicans outpace Dems, $14 M to $2.2 M

LANSING -- Michigan’s active gubernatorial candidates have raised $16.2 million through July 18th, the end of the Pre-primary Election reporting period, according to reports filed with the Bureau of Elections.

Republican Rick Snyder has raised the most among candidates with $7.3 million, nearly $6 million of which came from his personal wealth.

Attorney General Mike Cox is second among fundraisers at $2.9 million, followed by Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard at $1.9 million and U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra at $1.7 million.

Overall, the Republicans have topped the Democrats in fundraising by a wide margin, $14 million to $2.2 million.

In the Democratic primary, Speaker Andy Dillon has raised nearly twice as much as Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, $1.4 million to $743,000.

Republicans Cox and Bouchard and Democrats Bernero and Dillon all made substantial transfers to their gubernatorial committees from their previous campaign accounts.

As of the July 18th book-closing date for these reports, only Republicans Pete Hoekstra and Mike Bouchard had received public funds. They are both due to receive additional public money, and Cox, Bernero and Republican Sen. Tom George have applied for public financing that should be forthcoming.

The figures cited here do not include late contributions that are being reported by the candidates almost daily. Post-primary reports are due September 2nd.

MCFN will report on spending for gubernatorial television advertising next Friday, July 30th. Much of that advertising will not be reported in the State campaign finance reporting system.

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