Michigan officeholders raised $10 million in 2005

2006 Annual Statements end 12-14 month reporting hiatus

LANSING-State officeholders raised over $10 million in calendar year 2005 but didn't disclose any of it until last week when they filed their 2006 Annual campaign finance reports.

Governor Jennifer Granholm accounted for nearly half that amount taking in total receipts of $5 million. With $8.1 million in receipts so far this election cycle, she has already exceeded her total fundraising from non-public sources in the 2002 election cycle.

Attorney General Mike Cox raised $864,000 in 2005 to bring his total for this election cycle to $1.0 million. Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land took in $309,000 in 2005 to bring her total this election cycle to $628,000. Land's campaign committee is still carrying more than $1 million in debt to her husband from her 2002 campaign.

Incumbent state senators raised $2.5 million in 2005 to bring their total for the election cycle to $6 million.

The nominal fundraising leader among the senators is Republican Sen. Alan Sanborn from Macomb County's Richmond Township. Sanborn has totaled $738,000 this election cycle, although he personally contributed $565,000 of that amount and has been repaid $325,000. Sanborn's campaign committee still owes him $240,000.

Following Sanborn in total receipts so far this election cycle are: Sen. Bruce Patterson (R-Canton Township), $407,000; Sen. Jason Allen (R-Traverse City), $318,000; and Sen. Tony Stamas (R-Midland), $290,000. Like Sanborn, Patterson was a big contributor to his own campaign committee having given $104,000.

Term-limited Senate Majority Leader Ken Sikkema has raised $240,000 so far this election cycle and spent $188,000 for incidental office expenses.

Two senators raised significant additional campaign cash for other offices. Former Democratic Sen. Virg Bernero raised $273,00 for his successful Lansing mayoral campaign and Sen. Nancy Cassis (R-Novi) raised $42,000 for her abandoned gubernatorial campaign.

The incumbent state representatives reported raising $2.8 million in their first reports since December 2004. The fundraising leader was Rep. Roger Kahn (R-Saginaw Township) with $105,000. Kahn also has raised $157,000 for an "exploratory" senate campaign committee, with $111,000 of that total contributed by Kahn.

Following Kahn in total receipts were: Rep. Kathy Angerer (D-Dundee), $98,000; Speaker of the House Craig DeRoche, $86,000; and Rep. Mike Nofs (R-Battle Creek), $84,000.

Angerer won the most expensive state house campaign in 2004. Nofs chairs the House Energy and Technology Committee.

Several representatives besides Kahn raised significant amounts for other offices: Rep. Jacob Hoogendyk (R-Kalamazoo) raised $73,000 for his abandoned gubernatorial campaign; Rep. Alexander Lipsey (D-Kalamazoo), $12,000 for his attorney general campaign; former Democratic Rep. Clarence Phillips, $28,000 for his successful Pontiac mayoral campaign; and Reps. Gretchen Whitmer (D-East Lansing) and Shelley Goodman Taub (R-Bloomfield Hills) with $130,000 and $144,000 respectively for state senate campaigns.

"For state officeholders to raise $10 million between campaign finance reports is an outrageous blackout in disclosure," said Rich Robinson of the nonpartisan Michigan Campaign Finance Network. "Our elected officials spent the year picking economic winners and losers by writing laws and setting budget priorities. The citizens of this state should be able to see who is giving money to their campaign accounts while they're making those votes, not six months or a year after the fact."

"We should never have to wait more than three months between filings," said Robinson.

Among new candidates for state office, presumptive Republican gubernatorial nominee Dick DeVos was the leader with $1.9 million, including more than $820,000 from himself and his wife, former state Republican Party chair Betsy DeVos. M. Scott Bowen has raised $115,000 while pursuing the Democratic nomination for attorney general.

The legislative caucus PACs and the state party committees have raised another $6.3 million so far this election cycle. Their totals are: House Democrats: $1.0 million; House Republicans: $1.36 million; Senate Democrats: $550,000; Senate Republicans: $1.04 million; Michigan Democratic Party: $527,000; and Michigan Republican Party: $1.76 million.

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