Donor Tracking: Who's Funding Your Representative

Following The Money: This page is designed to help the public find out who’s funding their elected officials. The information shows state officeholders' top donors over time across a variety of giving methods. The data comes from the Secretary of State’s database and IRS filings.

The data was last updated Aug. 16, 2019. For candidate committees, the numbers cover through July 20, 2019. For political action committees (PACs) connected to officeholders, the numbers cover through July 20, 2019.

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16th House District, Rep. Kevin Coleman

16TH HOUSE DISTRICT (A portion of the city of Westland and the entire city of Wayne)

Current representative: Rep. Kevin Coleman (D-Westland) is the current representative for the 16th District, which includes the city of Wayne and part of the city of Westland. According to his official website, Coleman is a graduate of Western Michigan University, attended the Lee Honors College and is a former member of the Westland City Council.

Rep. Coleman was first elected to the House in 2018, taking office in 2019.

A map of the 16th District is available here.

Rep. Coleman raises money through a candidate committee, Kevin Coleman for Michigan, and a leadership PAC, Kevin Coleman Future Leaders Fund. The PAC formed in June 2019.

TALLY: Top Disclosed Donors To Coleman And Connected Committees From 2018 Through Today

  Donor Amount Industry
1. Kevin Coleman and family $6,221 Candidate
2. United Auto Workers Voluntary PAC $4,500 Organized Labor
3. Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters $4,000 Organized Labor
4. Katherine Lee, Verizon $1,500 Individuals
5. Realtors PAC of MI $1,500 Real Estate
6. Blue Cross Blue Shield $1,000 Health Care
7. Ken Bucilli, Bucilli Group $1,000 Individuals
8. Elder Fund For Michigan, Brian Elder $1,000 Politicians
9. Ford Motor Company $1,000 Business
10. Michigan Education Association $1,000 Education
11. Registrars Local 50 IBEW $1,000 Organized Labor




Top donors to Kevin Coleman for Michigan for 2019-2020:

  Donor Amount Industry
1. United Auto Workers Voluntary PAC $2,000 Organized Labor
2. Blue Cross Blue Shield $1,000 Health Care
3. Ford Motor Company $1,000 Business
4. Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters $1,000 Organized Labor
5. AFSCME - People $500 Organized Labor
6. Consumers Energy $500 Utilities
7. CNG Holdings $500 Finance and Banking
8. Comcast $500 Telecommunications
9. Delta airlines $500 Business
10. DTE Energy $500 Utilities
11. Michigan Health & Hospital Association $500 Health Care
12. Kevin McKinney, McKinney & Associates $500 Lobbyists
13. MI Rural Electrification Committee $500 Utilities
14. MI Beer & Wine Wholesalers $500 Liquor
15. SEIU Local 79 $500 Organized Labor

Top donors to Kevin Coleman Future Leaders Fund for 2019-2020:

No contributions reported yet.

Top donors to Kevin Coleman for Michigan for 2018:

1. Kevin Coleman, $4,965
2. Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters, $3,000
3. United Auto Workers Michigan PAC, $2,500
4. Realtors PAC of Michigan, $1,500
5. James Coleman, Canton, $1,000
6. Katherine Lee, New Jersey, $1,000
7. Elder Fund for Michigan, Brian Elder, $1,000
8. Michigan Education Association PAC, $1,000
9. Ken Bucilli, Bucilli Group, $1,000
10. Registrars PAC Local 58, $1,000

Campaign finance reports can be found in the Michigan Secretary of State's campaign finance database. If you see an error in the above data, please contact us at