Donor Tracking: Who's Funding Your Representative

Following The Money: This page is designed to help the public find out who’s funding their elected officials. The information shows state officeholders' top donors over time across a variety of giving methods. The data comes from the Secretary of State’s database and IRS filings.

The data was last updated Aug. 16, 2019. For candidate committees, the numbers cover through July 20, 2019. For political action committees (PACs) connected to officeholders, the numbers cover through July 20, 2019.

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15th House District, Rep. Abdullah Hammoud

15TH HOUSE DISTRICT (Most of the city of Dearborn)

Current representative: The current representative for the 15th House District is Rep. Abdullah Hammoud (D-Dearborn). The district includes much of the city of Dearborn. Hammoud was first elected to the Michigan House in 2016, taking office in 2017. According to his official House biography, Hammoud was a health care consultant and served as a volunteer with the United Nations Relief and Work Agency.

He was also previously a board member of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters.

A map of the 15th House District is available here.

Rep. Hammoud raises money through a candidate committee, Friends of Abdullah Hammoud, and a leadership PAC, Hammoud for Michigan, which launched in May 2017.

TALLY: Top Disclosed Donors To Rep. Hammoud And Connected Committees From 2015 Until The Present

  Donor Amount Industry
1. Ashwin Vasan, Columbia University $50,000 Individuals
2. Juakau Tayeb, nephrologist $26,000 Individuals
3. Abdullah Hammoud and family $11,847 Candidate
4. Jawad family, Dearborn $11,505 Individuals
5. Aisha Jukaku, Estee Lauder Companies $10,300 Individuals
6. Hasan Rizvi, Portola Valley $10,000 Individuals
7. Wael Hakmeh, Beaumont $10,000 Individuals
8. Masarath Haque, Chestnut Hill $10,000 Individuals
9. Tarek Jaward, Dearborn $5,000 Individuals
10. Alan and Lina Harajli, Dearborn $4,500 Individuals




Top donors to Friends of Abdullah Hammoud for 2019-2020:

  Donor Amount Industry
1. Ali Jawad, Aramda Oil $1,000 Individuals
2. Ali El-Sayed, El-Sayed Meats $1,000 Individuals
3. Osama Fakih, Arbor Lane Pharmacy $1,000 Individuals
4. Ford Motor Company $1,000 Business
5. Salem Salamey, Dearborn $600 Individuals
6. Abdul El-Sayed $500 Individuals
7. Abbas Khalil, Lava Lounge $500 Individuals
8. Hassan Khreizat, Universal Pharmacy $500 Individuals
9. Wassim Mahfouz, Livonia $500 Individuals
10. Abir Marashi, Beaumont $500 Individuals
11. MI Optometric Assocation $500 Health Care
12. Fadi Nuseibeh, Patient Careway Pharmacy $500 Individuals
13. Akram Obeid, Kings Pharmacy $500 Individuals

Top donors to Hammoud for Michigan for 2019-2020:

  Donor Amount Industry
1. Friends of Henry Ford College $1,000 Education
2. Robert Walters, Quicken Loans $1,000 Individuals
3. Abdullah Hammoud $538 Candidate
4. Salah Hazimi, Hazimi Consulting Services $425 Individuals
5. Ali Daher, Dearborn Heights $125 Individuals

Top donors to Friends of Abdullah Hammoud for 2017-2018:

1. Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters, $3,500
2. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan PAC, $3,250
3. Health PAC, Michigan Health & Hospital Association, $2,500
4. Michigan Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association, $2,000
5. Jawad family, Armada Oil, $2,000
6. Jaber family, Access, $1,500
7. Michigan Society of Anesthesiologists, $1,500
8. Ford Motor Company Civic Company, $1,250
9. Michigan Association of Health Plans, $1,250
10. Kevin McKinney, consultant, $1,250

Top donors to Hammoud for Michigan for 2017-2018:

1. Ashwin Vasan, physician, $50,000
2. Jakaku Tayeb, nephrologist, $26,000
3. Wael Hakmeh, physician, $10,000
4. Hasan Rizvi, California, $10,000
5. Masarath Haque, not employed, $10,000
6. Aisha Jukaku, Estee Lauder Companies, $10,000
7. Tarek Jawad, Dearborn, $5,000
8. Athar Siddiqui, physician, $5,000
9. Nazih Jawad, Dearborn, $3,000
10. Adam Dwaik, Dwaik Consulting, $2,500
11. Imran Maskatia, California, $2,500

Top donors to Friends of Abdullah Hammoud for 2015-2016:

1. Abdullah Hammoud, Henry Ford Health System, $5,000
2. Jawad family, Intermed distributors, $2,000
3. Hider family, Famous Hamburger, $2,000
4. Jalloul family, Dearborn Public Schools, $1,500
5. Jawad family, Armada Oil, $1,300
6. Auto Dealers of Michigan, $1,000
7. Knezek for Michigan, David Knezek, $1,000
8. Axcess Financial Services PAC, $1,000
9. Realtors PAC, Michigan Association of Realtors, $1,000
10. Detroit Regional Chamber, $1,000
11. Mona Jalloul, teacher, $1,000
12. Abdallah Hechem, Midwest Recycling, $1,000
13. Emad Saleh, pharmacist, $1,000
14. Nabil Fakih, pharmacist, $1,000 (others tied at $1,000)

Campaign finance reports can be found in the Michigan Secretary of State's campaign finance database. If you see an error in the above data, please contact us at

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