Will Financial Disclosure Finally Come To Lansing?

The Michigan legislature, with two-thirds majorities, sent a proposed constitutional amendment to the November ballot. It'd augment term limits and institute financial disclosure requirements, but with considerably more exceptions than what the original proponents had proposed. read more

posted on 05/12/2022

In Minards’ Wake, A Trail Of Financial Discrepancies

MCFN found at least two dozen instances where donors reported giving to Chatfield-connected accounts, totaling more than $100,000 in contributions, and the donations were never reported. Michigan's Department of State didn't ask after them. read more

posted on 02/21/2022

Governor's Inaugural Nonprofit Chartered Her Private Flight To Florida

After weeks of speculation, the Governor's office disclosed that a nonprofit used to fund her inauguration had mostly paid for a private flight to Florida in March. Her staff characterized the nonprofit as an administrative account, and despite pledging transparency, the picture offered of the nonprofit's finances is far from complete. read more

posted on 05/14/2021


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