More Money Is Flowing Into State Politics. Help Us Keep Following It.

This Summer, Contributions To The Michigan Campaign Finance Network From New Supporters Are Being Matched.


At the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, we work hard to follow the money in state politics as a service to the people of Michigan. In 2018, there’s been a lot of money to follow.

This fall, Michigan voters will pick a new governor, a new attorney general and a new secretary of state. They will also pick candidates to fill all 38 seats in the state Senate, all 110 seats in the state House and seats on the Michigan Supreme Court, on the State Board of Education and on university boards. In addition, the state will see a race for a U.S. Senate seat.

We’ve already documented $42 million in the race for governor, a record amount of fundraising by political action committees and  $12 million in contributions to ballot proposal campaigns.

We publish investigative reports, partner with traditional media outlets on revealing projects and try to make crucial information on how state government works accessible (you can see some of our best work from this year below). We also maintain databases on fundraising by lawmakers and campaigns. We make all of the information available to the public.

Our work has won awards, including one for government reporting in May, and our work continues to garner attention statewide. It’s possible because of the generosity of foundations and individuals across Michigan. But we need your support to keep it going.

This summer, your contribution will go further. A generous Northern Michigan family foundation will give $2 for every $1 a new donor provides for MCFN. If you give $100, the foundation will give $200. The maximum match the foundation will provide is $5,000.

To make a contribution to MCFN online, follow this link to give through the Network for Good.

To mail a contribution, our address is Michigan Campaign Finance Network; 600 West Saint Joseph, Suite 3G; Lansing, MI 48933. For more information, email



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