Michiganders slow to feed SuperPACs

LANSING – SuperPACs associated with individual presidential candidates raised $47 million in 2011 but Michigan donors were slow to join the fray. Only Restore Our Future, which Mitt Romney has referred to as, “my SuperPAC,” raised more than $1,000 from Michigan contributors.

Michigan donors to Restore Our Future included: Trott & Trott, PC: $200,000; auto dealer, David Fischer: $150,000; Autocam President, John Kennedy: $100,000; Grosse Pointers, Anthony Soave: $50,000 and Robert Liggett: $25,000; and, Young and Susser, PC: $7,500.

SuperPACs associated with individual presidential candidates reported the following receipts and fund balances, as of December 31, 2011:

Restore Our Future – Mitt Romney

• Receipts: $30,179,653; Balance: $23,622,109

Make Us Great Again – Rick Perry

• Receipts: $5,485,885; Balance: $604,472

Our Destiny PAC – Jon Huntsman

• Receipts: $2,680,560; Balance: $126,586

Winning Our Future - Newt Gingrich

• $2,080,250; Balance: $1,176,502

Endorse Liberty – Ron Paul

• Receipts: $1.020,055; Balance: $627,830

Red White and Blue Fund - Rick Santorum

• Receipts: $729,935; Balance: $78,114

Revolution PAC – Ron Paul

• Receipts: $518,201; Balance: $83,770

9-9-9- Fund – Herman Cain

• Receipts: $617,620; Balance: $203,528

Priorities USA Action – Barack Obama

• Receipts: $4,400,616; Balance: $1,517,821

It has been widely reported that Sheldon and Miriam Adelson contributed $10 million to Winning Our Future in January 2012. Those contributions have not been reported yet. PACs and SuperPACs have the option of filing quarterly or monthly this year.

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