Donor Tracking: Who's Funding Your Representative

Following The Money: This page is designed to help the public find out who’s funding their elected officials. The information shows their top donors over time across a variety of giving methods. The data comes from the Secretary of State’s database and IRS filings. You can search for an official through the search tool below.

The data was last updated Aug. 14, 2018.

77th House District, Rep. Tommy Brann

77TH HOUSE DISTRICT (A portion of Kent County)

Current representative: The current representative for the 77th District is Rep. Tommy Brann (R-Wyoming). The district includes Byron Township and the city of Wyoming, according to House Republicans. Brann was first elected to the House in 2016, taking office in 2017.

According to his official website, Brann has been working in the restaurant business since he was 17 years old. The site says Brann is owner and operator of Brann’s Restaurants and works there while not in Lansing. Brann was also a board member of the Michigan Restaurant Association.

A map of the 77th District is available here.

Rep. Brann raises money through a candidate committee, Committee to Elect Tommy Brann.

TALLY: Top Disclosed Donors To Rep. Brann And Connected Committees From 2015 Through Today

1. Tommy Brann, restaurant owner, $51,155

2. DeVos family, Amway $9,000

3. Realtors PAC of Michigan, $4,950

4. Michigan Chamber PAC, $2,750

5. Michigan Values Leadership Fund, Tom Leonard, $2,500

6. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, $2,250

7. Haworth family, Haworth Inc., $2,000

8. Kojaian family, Kojaian Management, $2,000

9. Michigan Insurance Coalition, $1,500

10. AmeriPAC, $1,500

11. Michigan Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association, $1,500


Top donors to Committee to Elect Tommy Brann for 2017-2018:

1. Realtors PAC of Michigan, $3,950
2. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, $2,250
3. Michigan Chamber PAC, $1,750
4. Michigan Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association, $1,500
5. Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce, $1,150
6. Michigan State Troopers PAC, $1,000
7. Charles Knappen III, Knappen Milling Co., $1,000
8. Friends of Spectrum Health, $1,000
9. Meijer PAC, $1,000
10. Michigan Bankers Association, $850

Top donors to Committee to Elect Tommy Brann for 2015-2016:

1. Tommy Brann, restaurant owner, $51,155
2. DeVos family, $9,000
3. Michigan Values Leadership Fund, Tom Leonard, $2,500
4. Haworth family, Haworth Inc., $2,000
5. Kojaian family, Kojaian Management, $2,000
6. Michigan Insurance Coalition, $1,500
7. AmeriPAC, $1,500
8. Moving Michigan Forward II PAC, Arlan Meekhof, $1,000
9. Michigan Restaurant Association, $1,000
10. Greater Rochester Leadership Fund, Mike Webber, $1,000
11. MAC PAC, Peter MacGregor, $1,000
12. Henry Fox Jr., retired, $1,000
13. Michael Jandernoa, 42 North Partners, $1,000
14. Chatfield Majority Fund, Lee Chatfield $1,000
15. VerHeulen Leadership Fund, Rob VerHeulen, $1,000
16. Michigan Chamber PAC, $1,000
17. Michigan Association of Realtors PAC, $1,000
18. Peter Secchia, Sibsco, $1,000

Campaign finance reports can be found in the Michigan Secretary of State's campaign finance database. If you see an error in the above data, please contact us at

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