Donor Tracking: Who's Funding Your Representative

Following The Money: This page is designed to help the public find out who’s funding their elected officials. The information shows their top donors over time across a variety of giving methods. The data comes from the Secretary of State’s database and IRS filings. You can search for an official through the search tool below.

The data was last updated May 7, 2018

83rd House District, Rep. Shane Hernandez

83RD HOUSE DISTRICT (Sanilac County and a portion of St. Clair County)

Current representative: The current representative for the 83rd District is Rep. Shane Hernandez (R-Port Huron). The district features Sanilac County and Burtchville Township, Fort Gratiot Township, and the city of Port Huron in St. Clair County, according to House Republicans. Hernandez is chair of the House Appropriations Transportation Subcommittee and a member of the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules.

According to his official House biography, Hernandez worked as the vice president of design at a small architectural firm in Port Huron.

A map of the 83rd District is available here.

Rep. Hernandez raises money through a candidate committee, Committee to Elect Shane Hernandez. He's also connected to a leadership PAC, Blue Water Liberty Fund, which launched in August 2017.

TALLY: Top Disclosed Donors To Rep. Hernandez And Connected Committees From 2016 Until The Present

1. Matthew Moroun, Central Transport, $12,000

2. Shane Hernandez, Sydesign, $10,580

3. Michigan Values Leadership Fund II, Tom Leonard, $10,000

4. Chatfield Majority Funds, Lee Chatfield, $8,600

5. Michigan Values Leadership Fund, Tom Leonard, $6,000

6. Justin Neil, Max Broock Realtors, $5,000

7. Meredith family, Meredith Tax Service, $4,500

8. Schaller family, Schaller Corporation, $4,000

9. Robb family, Anesthesia Services, $4,000

10. Michigan Chamber PAC, $3,000


Top donors to Committee to Elect Shane Hernandez for 2017-2018:

1. Chatfield Majority Fund, Lee Chatfield, $7,000
2. Shane Hernandez, $5,750
3. Robb family, Anesthesia Services, $2,000
4. Meredith family, Meredith Tax Service, $2,000
5. Auto Dealers of Michigan, $1,750
6. McConnachie family, farming, $1,250
7. John Kraft, retired, $1,000
8. Matthew Moroun, Central Transport, $1,000
9. Elaine Block, retired, $1,000
10. Justin Neil, Max Broock Realtors, $1,000
11. Robert Eick, Thrivent Financial, $1,000
12. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, $1,000
13. Michigan State Police Troopers PAC, $1,000
14. Grant Smith, Grant Smith Insurance Agency, $1,000

Top donors to Blue Water Liberty Fund for 2017-2018:

1. Matthew Moroun, Central Transport, $10,000
2. Michigan Values Leadership Fund II, Tom Leonard, $10,000
3. Justin Neil, Max Brook Realtors, $5,000
4. Marlyn Meredith, Meredith Tax Service, $2,000
5. Roger Schaller, Schaller Corporation, $2,000
6. Michigan Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association, $1,500
7. Grant Smith, Grant Smith Insurance, $1,000
8. Associated Food and Petroleum Dealers, AFPD, $1,000
9. Steve Johnson for State Representative, $1,000
10. Michigan Infrastructure & Transportation Association, $1,000
11. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, $1,000
12. Michigan Chamber of Commerce PAC, $1,000
13. Howard Stein, Port Huron KOA, $1,000
14. Carolyn Stoutenburg, Sandusky, $1000
15. Rodney Lockwood, Birmingham, $1,000
16. Marvin Rubingh, farmer, $1,000
17. Michigan Values Leadership Fund, $1,000

Top donors to Committee to Elect Shane Hernandez for 2016:

1. Shane Hernandez, Sydesign, $5,830
2. Michigan Values Leadership Fund, $5,000
3. Michigan Insurance Coalition, $2,000
4. Michigan Chamber PAC, $2,000
5. Robb family, Anesthesia Services, $2,000
6. Schaller family, Schaller Corporation, $2,000
7. Chatfield Majority Fund, Lee Chatfield, $1,500
8. The Right Focus PAC, $1,250
9. West Michigan Liberty Fund, Aaron Miller, $1,000
10. Ardis Ehardt, homemaker, $1,000
11. Nextera Energy Inc. PAC, $1,000
12. Joseph Reusser, The Reusser Group, $1,000
13. Matthew Moroun, Cen Tra, $1,000
14. Marilyn Meredith, Meredith Tax Service, $1,000

Campaign finance reports can be found in the Michigan Secretary of State's campaign finance database. If you see an error in the above data, please contact us at

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